Kvarner newsletter / no 41

For those with more skill and stamina
7th International Risnjak Mountain Trek

The international Risnjak Mountain Trek trekking race traditionally attracts hundreds of enthusiasts of adventure, sport and nature. This year it takes place on the 11th of June along a route that will be kept secret right up until the beginning of the race.

On the 11th of June, Risnjak National Park will be the meeting point of many sports and adventure enthusiasts who will participate at the seventh Risnjak Mountain Trek race. As in previous years, the competition will be divided in two difficulty categories, and the fastest competitors will win points for the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, a race around Mont Blanc. The Risnjak Mountain Trek has been organised since 2005, and in the last two years it has been listed among world's qualification races for the above-mentioned competition in France. This international acknowledgement additionally stressed the importance of Risnjak Mountain Trek, which is why it continues to attract a growing number of trekkers from across Europe.
The Risnjak Mountain Trek (RMT) is a trekking race in which participants must cross the entire path in the shortest possible time. There are two categories. Participants in the Ultra category must run (or walk) a 50-kilometre path, and those in the Mountain category 27 kilometres. Both paths lead across the Risnjak National Park, but they are not marked and the exact routes are not known in advance, which is why trekkers must carry a map, compass and all other necessary equipment.
The organisers of the race from the Ad Natura – outdoor adventures company announce that the precise routes will be published on their website two days prior to the start of the race, and that none of them will be particularly demanding in terms of orientation. The participants should have no difficulty finding the right way while at the same time enjoying beautiful natural scenery of this attractive national park.
The race has a prize fund, and the points will be awarded separately to men and women in each category.