Kvarner newsletter / no 41

CNN's flattering title
Island of Rab – paradise for nudists

You are a nudist and have not decided yet where to spend your summer holidays? CNN has now decided for you! We invite you to visit the cradle of modern nudism and a true nudists' paradise – the famous Kvarner island of Rab.

In its choice of the world's best destinations of special interest, CNN again took a closer look at Croatia. This time the flattering title was awarded to the island of Rab, which has been described as a true paradise for nudists. Proud of their local tradition, inhabitants of the island of Rab were not surprised by this, because Rab is the place where the seeds of modern naturism was sown before World War Two, at the time when this topic was not even discussed in the other parts of the world. It was for this tradition, but also for the island's modern image and beautiful beaches, that Rab was declared the best nudist destination in the world.
All these facts were mentioned in CNN's extensive text, explaining that this nudist paradise was first discovered and promoted by the English king Edward VIII. Together with his wife Wallis Simpson, he obtained a permission from local authorities to bath without clothes in the Kandalora area in 1936, which was the beginning of this island's tradition of nudism. Although this flattering title applies to the entire island of Rab, the text particularly emphasises the Lopar area, located in the northern part of the island, which includes three attractive sandy beaches aimed exclusively for nudists. These are the beaches of Sahara, Stolac and Ciganka, all of them characterised by crystal-clear seawater, warm sand and the fact that they are protected from being viewed from the outside.
After swimming, CNN recommends a visit to the town of Rab, especially its historical part.