Kvarner newsletter / no 3

New facilities for sports and recreation

A new multi-purpose sports hall was recently opened near the centre of Delnice. This new facility will certainly add to the appeal of this town, which has over the last ten years gained the status of a destination for visitors interested in sports, recreation and a more active holiday.

The new multipurpose sports hall in Delnice, costing approximately 2.7 million euros, has opened up new opportunities for a number of sports activities including ice skating in winter, all of which raise the town’s appeal to visitors, especially sportsmen.
The town of Delnice is located in Gorski kotar at a height above sea level of 696 metres. The temperate mountain climate and the abundance of natural phenomena (Hajdova hiža, Drgomalj and Petehovac), as well as modern sports complexes were the basic prerequisite for the development of Delnice as a high-quality sports destination in Gorski kotar.
A tradition of nearly 100 years of tourism, including excursions, health tourism and sports, as well as its beautiful scenery and favourable climate, continue to attract ever more visitors to Delnice.
Since Delnice can be reached from Rijeka and other resorts on Kvarner within an hour’s drive or so, it has become a favourite destination for day excursions. One such excursion leads to a beautiful mountain peak, Drgomalj, with the attractive cave of Hajdina hiža, the largest cave in Gorski kotar (and accessible only to speleologists), and the peak of Petehovac, which is particularly interesting in winter because of its skiing area.
But Delnice also offers enough facilities and attractions for a longer stay – hotels, sports complex and spacious natural areas for hiking, relaxing or hunting. 
At the foot of the nearby Japlenški vrh there are several sports grounds for football, basketball, bowling and boccie, and two ski jumps in winter. Local restaurants add to the area’s appeal by offering regional specialities based on game and fruits of the forest.
Visitor can also rent hunting lodges, and near the town is the entrance to the Risnjak National Park.