Kvarner newsletter / no 41

Gorski kotar's Fruits of the Mountains
Enjoyment of nature and its tasty fruits

In June and July, Gorski kotar's most original event, The Fruits of the Mountains, will continue to attract visitors interested in learning more about the region by sampling its delicious fruits that ripen at this time of the year. It's a good time for elderflowers, strawberries, blueberries and lavender…

Gorski kotar's Fruits of the Mountains is an original series of events that runs from April to November and is aimed at providing a special experience to the visitors by promoting life in harmony with nature and presenting the area's cultural heritage. The events take place on weekends on various locations throughout Gorski kotar. The programmes combine excursions in nature, sampling and tasting local fruits, and lectures about their healing properties, nutritional values and possibilities of use.
This is also an ideal opportunity to combine recreational activities with education and to enjoy local gastronomy by sampling specialities made with fruits that grow in the local area.
Each event includes sampling fruits and dishes made with them (depending on their blooming or ripening period), and exhibitions of souvenirs and home-made products. The programme for the month of June includes the Strawberry Day in Fužine on the 18th of June and the Elder Day in Ravna Gora on the 25th of June. After that, the programme continues in July with events such as the Blueberry Day on the 9th of July in Ravna Gora, and the Lavender Day on the 16th of July in Fužine and Lič.
All the programmes follow the same concept and put emphasis on some specific features of the local area in which they take place. The schedule includes walking, exploring and enjoying individual areas – hills, forests, vantage points – with the aim of learning more about nature, traditional agriculture and the local cultural heritage, accompanied by entertainment programmes and education in the open air.