Kvarner newsletter / no 41

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To improve promotion of the region, the Kvarner County Tourism Office will now inform visitors about upcoming events on the new Facebook page titled "Visit Kvarner".

Some of the most important and most actual news about Kvarner tourism can now be also found on the Facebook page named Visit Kvarner by the Kvarner County Tourism Office.
Regardless whether you have already been to Kvarner or are planning to do so, we invite you to join Kvarner's fans on Facebook and learn more about this unique and diversified region.
Visit Kvarner brings you fresh news, announcements and recommendations for interesting events, galleries of pictures and information about Kvarner's attractive destinations. 
Become a fan and discover Kvarner, a region that can be easily reached, but whose landscapes, amenities and way of life make it so different from everyday life in many other regions of the world.