Kvarner newsletter / no 41

14th meeting of mountaineers from the Balkans
Climbing the peaks of Gorski kotar

From the 10th to the 12th of June, the area of Gorski kotar will host the 14th meeting of Balkan mountaineers. This event is open to all mountaineers interested in getting together and climbing the attractive Platak-Snježnik-Lazac-Risnjak-Platak route.

For the 14th year in a row, Kamenjak Mountaineering Club from Rijeka organises the meeting of mountaineers from the ex-Yugoslavian, that is, Balkan area from the 10th to the 12th of June. Mountaineers will meet on the 10th of June in the Sušak Mountain Hut on Platak. On the next morning, they will divide in three groups and start the tours.
Each group will follow its own route. The first group will climb to Platak, Snježnik, and Lazac, and return to the starting point after approximately eight hours. There will be several breaks along the route – teatime on Lazac and a pause after the demanding ascent to the peak of Veliki Risnjak. The second group of mountaineers will follow a similar route, but will return to the starting point after ca. six hours because it will not include the most demanding ascents.
The third route is for less demanding hikers – it will take ca. three hours to complete and will not include the tour of Lazac.
After returning to the mountain hut on Platak, there will be a dinner and party with music and dance. The last day of the meeting, Sunday, is reserved for seeing the cultural and historical sites in the town of Rijeka with professional guidance.