Kvarner newsletter / no 41

Water wells – the source of life

"Water Wells – the Source of Life" is the event taking place on the 4th of June at several water wells across the municipality of Viškovo next to Rijeka aimed at bringing these wells back to life at least for a day.

With the aim of bringing back to life numerous water wells scattered throughout the Viškovo area at least for a day, local authorities decided to organise an entertainment, cultural and educational event entitled "Water Wells – the Source of Life" on the 4th of June. It will be an evening full of surprises, good atmosphere, and lots of fun, music and poetry. The programme will include performances by the famous entertainers from Rijeka, Mario Lipovšek  Battifiaca and Robert Grubišić, children from the Viškovo Kindergarten, and children from the Association of Amateur Visual Artists Baštijan Brothers.

The event is aimed at promoting the local tradition of water wells, which used to play a very important role in everyday life of local people. These wells covered in stone and enclosed by walls really used to be sources of life in the past.

Local people used them to obtain water and as meeting places where they would get together and have fun. However, with the arrival of the modern water supply system, these wells completely lost their original function.

Because of that, this event aims to bring these water wells back to life at least for a day. It is also a continuation of activities connected to these water wells, because many of them were completely renovated over the last few years.

The programme will include musical and theatrical performances promoting water wells as places where people would meet. The list of performers includes klape singing groups, members of the Young Musicians school, recitations by children and adults, and local singers and other performers. Visitors are also invited to sample local specialities – wine, fritule fritters and the tasty pastries.
Judging by the last year's experience, when this attractive event took place for the first time, the organisers are expecting numerous visitors who will have the opportunity to enjoy beautiful ambience, interesting performances, and taste specialities of the Halubje area.