Kvarner newsletter / no 41

Margareta's Summer 2011
Simulation of a naval battle at Bakar

Visitors to the town of Bakar will again this summer have the opportunity to enjoy a packed programme of events entitled Margareta's Summer, which runs from the 18th of June until the 30th of July. As in previous years, lots of fun is guaranteed, and this year's special highlight is the big sea battle on the 17th of July.

The opening ceremony of the Margareta's Summer Festival on the 18th of June will mark the beginning of another interesting programme of events in Bakar that will run until the 30th of July. During that period, the town will host numerous exhibitions, concerts of pop, classical and traditional music, various festivals for young and old, sport games and tournaments, performances and lectures… The most attractive surprise is scheduled for the 16th of July. In addition to the celebration of the Day of the Town of Bakar, there will be a staging of a naval battle in the evening hours. More precisely, a simulation of the Venetian naval attack to Bakar that took place at the beginning of the 17th century. The battle, which will start after 10 p.m, will include three old wooden sailships, pyrotechnical effects and the participation of historical units of the Croatian army and members of numerous local associations. The ships will sail into the bay one after another and then start attacking the coast, which will be defended by canons at five locations. On the location of Masarykova obala, the town will be defended by two cannons and the complete Keglevićeva Guard. The second cannon will be placed on the location of Puntin together with the troops of Otočki graničari, and the third will be in Luben together with the members of other defence forces. The last two artillery bases will be located in the old town. All of them will perform an attractive naval battle with the help of modern pyrotechnics and other effects. The atmosphere will be further enhanced by simultaneous artillery fire, turning off the street lights, actors' performances and music. The culmination of the battle will be marked by fireworks in the sky above Bakar, and the party will continue until late in the night.
It is important to say that on the same day, visitors to the town of Bakar are invited to the attractive Margareta's Fair presenting traditional local customs, original specialities and souvenirs by numerous exhibitors and associations from the entire Kvarner region.