Kvarner newsletter / no 42

Rijeka's Hartera Festival
Starring James Holden and Petar Dundov

The Hartera Festival, one of the major musical events in Rijeka, this year takes place on the 14th, 15th and 16th of July. In addition to many renowned artists, the festival will include appearances by the internationally renowned DJ James Holden from Britain and by Petar Dundov, one of Croatia's leading DJs.

For those in search of new experiences that will erase boundaries between music and adventure, Rijeka's Hartera Festival is the right choice. This year's, 7th edition of this festival, will take place from the 14th to the 16th of July. As in previous years, the programme will include performances by numerous Croatian and international musicians. The biggest stars of this year's Hartera Festival are Britain's DJ James Holden and one of Croatia's most famous DJs, Petar Dundov.
Hartera is the local name for the former paper factory – Europe's oldest factory of cigarette paper. It is located in the immediate vicinity of the centre of the town, yet at a secluded location suitable for all-night parties from 8 in the evening until 6 in the morning, which is rather rare for town festivals. Hartera is already widely known not only for numerous stars that appeared here, but also for the extraordinarily positive reactions of its audience that continues coming to the festival every year.
The first day of the festival, called the "day zero", is dedicated to Croatian artists and the popular punk-rock band Hladno Pivo. The second day is reserved for the most prominent stars of the festival – DJs James Holden and Petar Dundov, who will perform on the Tuborg Main Stage. After them, in the early morning hours, follows the concert of the popular Croatian band Elemental. But that is not all. The festival will have several stages, which means that the visitors will have the possibility to choose among various performers: Ikonika, TBA, Električni orgazam, Grč and Multietnička Atrakcija. The latter band is the winner of the internal competition entitled "Oderi na Harteri".
Saturday 16th July is reserved for another musical attraction: the premiere performance of the much sought-for Danish musician Anders Trentemoller, an excellent live performer accompanied by his seven-member band. This live performance will be the overture to another extraordinary festival night that will include performances of further renowned artists: Brodinski, Feadz, Lollobrigida, Nipplepeople, Photek Ramadanman aka Pearson Sound, Goribor, Kawasaki 3P, Klaus, and the finalists of the "Oderi na Harteri" competition.
Apart from concerts, visitors to the Hartera Festival can also enjoy numerous artistic performances and workshops. Accommodation is provided in the festival camp, hostel, and in Rijeka's hotels. More information about accommodation at http://www.mytravel.hr/odrediste/hrvatska/kvarner/hartera-2011