Kvarner newsletter / no 42

Rijeka Photo Festival
Enjoy first-class photography all summer long!

Until mid-September, the Rijeka Photo Festival this year again exhibits the works of renowned Croatian and European photographers such as Marcus Doyle, Ervin Debeuc, Sofia Silva and Chrystel Lebas. The festival will conclude with a large retrospective of the French photographer Walter Carone, an artist whose camera captured many Hollywood stars and prominent personalities from all over the world.

This summer, all photography lovers, professionals and amateurs, will again have the chance to enjoy the Rijeka Photo Festival. The event will run until mid-September and present several Croatian and international masters of photography. The festival was opened in mid-June with the presentation of two exhibitions and a series of lectures and symposiums.
The first exhibition, dedicated to the work of the Croatian artist Ervin Debeuc, will remain on display until the end of the festival in the Rijeka Town Museum. The second exhibition is displayed in Rijeka's Museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts. It presents the concept of "Discussions about nature" by the American photographer Sofia Silva and the French photographer Chrystel Lebas. This exhibition will remain open until the end of July.
The Mali salon gallery on Rijeka's Korzo promenade hosts a large group exhibition entitled "Tension Field". This exhibition presents situations within different contexts of five partner towns: Graz (Austria), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Bratislava (Slovakia), Novi Sad (Serbia) and Rijeka (Croatia). This exhibition will run until the 28th of July.
Two more exhibitions are scheduled for August. The first is dedicated to the work of a master of night photography Marcus Doyle, whose photographs were already displayed on last year's Rijeka Photo Festival. This time, the artist will present photographs dedicated to Rijeka's industrial history under the title "Night Memories".
The festival will end with the large retrospective exhibition of Walter Carone, French artist whose camera captured numerous Hollywood stars and prominent personalities. Rijeka's audience will have the opportunity to admire famous portraits of General de Gaulle, Marlene Dietrich, Jean-Paul Sartre, Marilyn Monroe and many other renowned persons.