Kvarner newsletter / no 42

Opening of the high-diving pool

At the beginning of June Rijeka saw the opening of the high diving pool, officially marking completion of the large Kantrida Pool Complex, to the great joy of recreational swimmers and professional athletes alike…

The opening ceremony of the new high diving pool, which included presentation of attractive high dives, officially marked the completion of the construction of the Kantrida Pool Complex.
The high diving pool was built as part of the final, fifth phase of the construction of the Kantrida Pool Complex. This phase included the renewal of the existing building with restaurant and small pool, landscaping of the surrounding area, refurbishment of the outdoor pool stands, and landscaping of the beach area. At the beginning of June, the new Beach Ploče, considered by many as Rijeka's most beautiful beach, has been awarded the Blue Flag, the international certificate for seawater cleanliness and high-quality beach facilities.
With the completion of the Kantrica Pool Complex, the inhabitants of Rijeka, as well as many tourists and athletes, have got a quality sporting and recreational facility that will surely attract new visitors to this town.
Although the main goal of this new pool is to host high diving competitions, it will also be used as a venue for other sporting events – swimming, synchronised swimming, water polo, and diving training. In addition to the pools, the Kantrida Pool Complex offers all necessary services and facilities, and boasts a spectacular view of the sea.