Kvarner newsletter / no 42

For Rijeka's visitors from abroad
Fun, arts and attractions

To make it easier for visitors from abroad to negotiate the town in their own languages, some of Rijeka's larger public organisations have created a joint programme designed to bring some of the town's attractions closer to its visitors.

Visitors from abroad who decide to visit Rijeka this summer will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of services and facilities available in their languages. At the beginning of June, the town of Rijeka presented a programme for foreign visitors (available in several languages) by some of the town's most attractive institutions. These include the Rijeka Astronomy Centre, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts, the Peek & Poke museum of computers and technology, the History and Maritime Museum of the Croatian Littoral, The Natural History Museum Rijeka, and the Rijeka Town Museum.
The Rijeka Astronomy Centre will show movies in foreign languages every Wednesday at 10 p.m. The programme encompasses the following movies: Vibrato (in French), Planets in Sight (in English), and The Race to the Earth (in Italian). Tourist groups also have at their disposal live show programmes and observation of stars and other celestial bodies in English and Italian languages.
Rijeka's Museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts will host the Rijeka Photo Festival with numerous exhibitions by foreign photographers, and the Natural History Museum in Rijeka prepared audio-guides in Croatian and English languages for visitors who want to explore this museum's permanent and actual exhibitions in their own languages. In addition, the museum's Botanical Garden will host Summer Evenings every Wednesday in July at 9 p.m. with lectures about natural heritage of the Rijeka area.
Rijeka's History and Maritime Museum of Croatian Littoral presents its permanent exhibition, the Collection of ancient weapons, the Dr. Franjo Kresnik memorial room, the Lapidarium, and the exhibitions Kvarner's Sails and Old Croatian Necropolises of the Vinodol area. In July, the museum is organising a workshop dedicated to the production of paper jewellery called "All that glitters is not gold". Also worth mentioning are separate exhibitions of the History and Maritime Museum of the Croatian Littoral. These are the Kastav Museum Collection in Kastav, and the Ethnographic Collection of the Island of Krk in Dobrinj.
This joint summer programme of Rijeka's museums will be further enhanced by the standard exhibition of Rijeka's original Peek & Poke museum of computers. This museum also hosts a new exhibition, which celebrates the fortieth anniversary of the Digitron pocket calculator.