Kvarner newsletter / no 42

Opatija ranks second among Croatia's tourist towns

According to Hotel.info, a global online reservations service, Opatija – thanks to its attractiveness and good infrastructure – ranks second among Croatia's tourist towns, after Poreč and ahead of Zagreb.

After comparing the quality of services provided with the price charged by the hotels for these services, the German internet portal Hotel.info recently published the ranking list of the best tourist towns in European countries. On the list of Croatian destinations there have been some changes compared to last years. The best-rated town is Poreč, Opatija ranked second, and Croatia's capital Zagreb ranked third. This change is significant because the best-known Croatian destination, Dubrovnik, is no longer among the top three towns.
However, this does not imply that Dubrovnik lost its quality or popularity. Rather, it means that the three top-ranked towns improved the quality of their services and facilities more than Dubrovnik did.
Hotel.info is a free German web booking service for hotels worldwide. After staying in a hotel, users of this service can rate both the hotel and the destination from 1 to 10. The rankings for the towns are published quarterly, and the ranking after the second quarter is particularly important because it is published immediately before the start of the tourist season.
Zagreb got an average rating of 6.89, Opatija 7.01, and Poreč 7.38. These are all excellent results, because the top-rated destination, Tallinn in Estonia, was rated 7.86.