Kvarner newsletter / no 42

Čabar Tourism Office
Festival of old customs of the Čabar area

If you would like to enhance your seaside holiday with a trip to Kvarner's wooded hinterland, to learn more about the traditional life of the Čabar area, or just to enjoy Gorski kotar's fresh climate, we recommend visiting the delightful festival of traditional customs in Čabar on the 5th of August.

The 5th of August is the Croatian national Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day and the Feast Day of the Mother of God of Snow that is celebrated in Lividraga near Gerovo in the Čabar area. On this day, there is a traditional meeting of local foresters, with special emphasis on promoting old local customs. This is the day when the Čabar area in Gorski kotar is traditionally visited by more than 2,000 visitors from all over Croatia and Europe interested in learning how people in the local area used to live in the past.
The festival of traditional customs presents what people here used to eat in the past, how they used to mow grass or saw wood, how they used to preserve vegetables for winter, what instruments they played, what kind of traditional costumes they wore, and much more. Many of these customs remained preserved in local households right up to the present day. This tradition will be presented to the visitors by more than 40 participants of the festival.
In addition, visitors will also have the opportunity to taste numerous specialities of the local area.
This festival is very popular among visitors from abroad who spend their holidays somewhere on the coast and like to take this opportunity to learn more about old Croatian customs and enjoy Gorski kotar's refreshing climate. 
On that day, several buses will be ready to take visitors from Rijeka to Lividraga. We invite you to leave the seacoast for a day and enjoy a pleasant and attractive excursion where you can learn more about Gorski kotar's past and present.