Kvarner newsletter / no 43

Vinodol Riviera
The Rose of Vinodol again to awaken memories

This year's Rose of Vinodol, the biggest and best-known tourist event on the Vinodol Riviera, will take place from the 12th to the 20th of August. As in previous years, this year's happening will again bring to life some of the most interesting stories from the past and those related to the area's rich tradition of vine-growing and wine-making.

The Rose of Vinodol (Ružica Vinodola) is the central summer event on the Vinodol Riviera. Although it is usually described as an event whose highlight is the selection of the most beautiful "wine girl", it is much more than that. This year's Rose of Vinodol will take place from the 12th to the 20th of August in several places across the Vinodol Riviera. The festival is designed to present local heritage, tradition and legends related to grape harvest and the tradition of wine making in the local area.
The festival will begin in the villages of Grižane on the 12th of August and Bribir on the 13th of August with a large fair presenting local wines, traditional dishes, ecological hand-make products and traditional games. In addition, the programme will include workshops and the presentation of this year's candidates for the Rose of Vinodol, the most important title in the local area. After that, the festival will move to other places of the Vinodol Riviera – Pavlomir, and finally to Novi Vinodolski.
The festival is based on local legends and ancient traditions that used to be maintained until the end of the 19th century. According to the story, at the end of the grape harvest, people would choose the most beautiful and most diligent girl who took part in the harvest – the Rose (Ružica). She would then be given a crown made of vine and lead a procession through the town. This story was the basis for the modern Rose of Vinodol festival that encompasses presentations of ancient local customs, various games and fairs, musical performances, and the selection of Ružica. In short, this is an attractive contemporary event inspired by the past, local traditions and folklore heritage.