Kvarner newsletter / no 43

Beach Club Santos – Rab
Among the best beach clubs in Europe

This year, the island of Rab seems to have become the favourite destination of the international media. Earlier this spring, it was declared a possible royal destination, then in May CNN described it as one of the world's most beautiful resorts for naturists, while these days it is being mentioned as the place with one of the best beach clubs in Europe.

If you are a fan of night club parties, and happen to be on Kvarner right now, do not miss the chance to spend at least one night in one of the best beach clubs in Europe – the Santos Beach Club on the island of Rab. This recommendation comes from the British magazine The Guardian, which at the end of June presented a list of ca. 15 best beach clubs throughout Europe. But that's not all: in addition to Santos, the list includes another Croatian club, the Carpe Diem on the island of Hvar.
Tourism professionals from the Rab Tourist Board are confident that this recognition is another proof that the island of Rab has recently become a popular venue for attractive night life.
This summer, the Santos Beach Club offers a very interesting high-quality programme, and some clubs of a similar type follow its example.
The Santos is located on the beach of Pudarica, two kilometres from Barbat and ca. ten kilometres from the town of Rab. Thanks to this favourable location, the club can remain open 24 hours a day. In the daytime, the club is a lounge bar offering after beach parties, happy hours and a variety of sporting activities such as beach volleyball. At night, visitors to the club can dance at several dance floors, at the sandy beach or in the pool, or relax on numerous chairs, lounge chairs and deckchairs scattered across the beach and the club. The club offers something different every day, including classical club programmes, guest performances by international DJs, go-go dancers and other specialised programmes, such as professional photo shooting.