Kvarner newsletter / no 43

All-day recreational programmes on the beach
Beach Balance on Dražica Beach on the island of Krk

If you want your days on the beach to be packed with recreational activities in a healthy and entertaining way, we recommend a visit to the Dražica beach in Krk. Until the 20th of August, this beach, the oldest in the town, will be offering excellent all-day programmes under the title Beach Balance.

Until the 20th of August, visitors to Krk’s oldest swimming baths, the Dražica Beach, will have the opportunity to enjoy attractive all-day entertainment and recreational Beach Balance programmes, organised by the Valamar Hotels & Resorts and the Town of Krk Tourist Board.

The Beach Balance is a weekly programme of entertainment and recreational activities from 8 in the morning until 9 in the evening (including an afternoon break). The morning part is designed to wake you up. Depending on the day, activities may include stretching, yoga or some more demanding exercises. The programme is suitable for various groups of interest. On Mondays, the morning starts with the Active Wake Up, on Tuesdays and Thursdays with yoga, on Wednesdays with the Stretch on the Beach, on Fridays with the Fat Burn, on Saturdays with the Easy Morning Gym, and on Sundays with the dynamic Muscle Beat.

Every day at noon on the dot, visitors can try various exercises within the 40-minute Aqua Fun Aerobic. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, afternoons and evenings are reserved for the L'Amour Beach and Zumba Dance Party – entertainment programmes at the romantic sunset.
Yoga exercises are also organised on the beach of the Ježevac campsite every Saturday and Sunday.