Kvarner newsletter / no 44

Hand-made Rab chocolate
Sweets that taste like the Mediterranean

In addition to the widely known Rab Cake, this island has recently become known for another original sweet souvenir – the hand-made Delicia Chocolate, which comes in five flavours – with carob, lavender, pine nut, red pepper, and orange – tastes to remind you of the finest Mediterranean aromas.

Visitor who chose the island of Rab as the venue for their summer holiday now have the chance to taste and buy two original sweet souvenirs. The island of Rab has always been known for its honey, jam, dried or candied fruits, and biscuits. In addition to the well-known Rab Cake, whose origins date back more than nine centuries, visitors to Rab now have the chance to buy another sweet souvenir – the hand-made Delicia chocolate, which came to market in five flavours: with carob, lavender, pine nuts, red pepper, and orange. Except the chocolate, which is imported from Venezuela, and red pepper, which comes from Brazil, all other ingredients are originally Croatian. Oranges for the chocolate come from the island of Vis, carob comes from the peninsula of Pelješac, pine nuts are purchased across Dalmatia, and lavender grows on the island of Rab.
The factory has five employees who daily produce ca. 500 chocolates of 50 grams. The price of one piece of chocolate is less than 3.5 euros.
Delicia chocolate is a result of many years of collaboration between Delicia shop and the famous Rab confectionery Vilma, which has been producing traditional Croatian sweets such as biscuits with carob, cinnamon and almond flavour for more than a decade.