Kvarner newsletter / no 44

Bikers welcome!
40th Grobnik Motohappening

All visitors who come to Kvarner by motorcycle – and there are quite a few of them –will this September have the chance to ride on the best racing track in Croatia – the one in Grobnik, which will host the 40th Grobnik Motohappening from the 9th until the 11th of September…

If you are enjoying your holiday on Kvarner and are a fan of motorcycles, we recommend visiting the 40th Motohappening that will take place at the Autodrom Grobnik racing track in the period from the 9th to the 11th of September. This traditional meeting of bikers always offers high levels of adrenaline and lots of fun during the three days.
The first meeting of this kind in Grobnik took place in 1997; the organisers are Croatia's largest circulation magazine specialising in motorcycles and scooters, Moto Puls and Ðuro Sport Company. Since then, the Motohappening has remained the only event in Grobnik where visitors can actually drive on the racetrack – independently, in pairs, or in the company of an instructor.
All other events in Grobnik are either competitions or trainings, which is what makes Motohappening so unique – for this is the only event where visitors can see for themselves the quality of the track, and put their motorcycles and driving skills at test.
The programme starts on Friday the 9th of September, when the entire day will be dedicated to free trainings and testing the racetrack. The highlight of the day is the Happy Race with no limits regarding the engine cc. The race starts at 6 p.m. and includes a total of six rounds. Saturday is reserved for trainings and team driving (groups with several registered members), and will include the following races: Aprilia-Spyke-Vemar Cup (5 rounds), Team Race (No Limit, 16 rounds), and the Dunlop Moto Puls Cup. At 6 p.m. is the start of the Freestyle Stunt Show and the awards ceremony. Similar programme continues on Sunday too. Trainings start at 10 a.m.; participants will have the chance to drive with instructors or take part in recreational races without overtaking. Afternoon is reserved for the last races within the 40th Motohappening: Zoki Cup (No Limit, 7 rounds), Serija i Proserija (6 rounds), Đuro Cup (for two-cylinder engines, 5 rounds), Dunlop Moto Puls Cup (5 rounds), and the awards ceremony.
The Grobnik racetrack has a length of 4,168.75 m with 15 curves (9 right and 6 left). The total length of curves amounts to 2,017.63 metres, the minimal width of the track is 10 metres, the width of the finish line is 15 metres, and the maximum inclination is 10 per cent.
The racetrack was constructed in 1978, and the world record of this track is still held by Wayne Rainey, 1'28"69, class up to 500 ccm, with an average speed of 168.178 km/h. This record was achieved at the World Championship race in 1990.