Kvarner newsletter / no 44

4th Kastav Rock Festival
By the young, for the young

For the fourth year in a row, Kastav is hosting its annual Rock Festival. On the 10th of September, this historic town will be hosting concerts by many rock bands. This well-attended festival is guaranteed to be an event full of positive energy.

On the same day as last year, the 10th of September, the historical town of Kastav will be the venue of the 4th Kastav Rock Festival, which will include performances of at least six rock bands. The festival is dedicated to young yet respectable demo bands, providing them a great opportunity to present their music to the audience. Last year's festival was a great success, therefore we feel confident that this year's event will also be well accepted by rock fans.
The festival will take place on a large stage in the immediate vicinity of Kastav's old town, so interested visitors should have no difficulties finding their way there.
The Kastav Rock Festival is a cultural project aimed at promoting rock music and young bands, giving them the opportunity to present their creative energy to the public. The interest for this festival was shown by many bands, the audience, and also by the media which listed this event among Top 10 summer festivals and concerts.
The programme starts at 7 p.m., and the admission is free.