Kvarner newsletter / no 44

Kraljevica Tourist Board
120 years of tourism

The small coastal town of Kraljevica, located next to Bakar Bay in the heart of Kvarner, celebrated 120 years of tourism on the 15th of July. The celebration of this great anniversary was attended by many visitors who have already promised to come here again next year to enjoy again the summer atmosphere of this attractive family destination.

Visitors who attended the celebration to mark the 120th anniversary of tourism in Kraljevica, an ancient coastal town located in the Bakar Bay, became acquainted with the rather unknown story about the beginnings of tourism in this town. The first steps toward a future tourist resort were made as early as 1891, when the first public beach was built at the promontory of Oštro. Since then, several beaches were built along Kraljevica's shoreline, and the town began its transformation from a historical location into an attractive tourist resort. Today Kraljevica offers its visitors a variety of entertainment and cultural programmes. Accommodation can be found in the Hotel Kraljevica, the Oštro Campsite, and the Uvala Scott Holiday Resort – all parts of the Jadran Hoteli Rijeka Company, as well as in a number of private houses. Kraljevica is a rather small destination, which makes it ideal for a peaceful family holiday.
The view of the town, surrounded by the blue sea and lush green vegetation, is dominated by two medieval castles and churches – an important part of the historical heritage by the noted Croatian noble families Zrinski and Frankopan. During summer, these historical venues host various cultural and entertainment events.
Despite the modern lifestyle, history is still present here at every turn. Kraljevica was first mentioned in the 13th century as a place where the Hungarian king Bela IV found shelter before Mongolian attacks in 1242. Later in history, the town was known as the Austrian naval port and the oldest shipyard on the Adriatic. Thanks to its favourable geographical position, beautiful nature and balmy climate, Kraljevica was also one of the first health resorts at the end of the 19th century. The beach on the promontory of Oštro was one of the first public beaches in the Croatian Littoral.
In addition to Kraljevica, the centre of the local area, other places well worth visiting are the picturesque Bakarac in the Bakar Bay, Križišće and Dol in the green hinterland of Vinodol, Šmrika on a plateau above the sea, and Neriz in the south.
The town's favourable position in the vicinity of several larger towns, quality accommodation, good recreational facilities (including sailing and diving), and a variety of entertainment and cultural programmes, make Kraljevica an attractive tourist destination.