Kvarner newsletter / no 45

38th Marunada Sweet Chestnut Festival
How to resist them?!

Lovran's most popular event, the Marunada festival, which last year was recommended by the British newspaper The Guardian as one of Europe's top ten autumn food festivals, this year takes place from the 14th to the 30th of October, offering an original programme dedicated to the tastes of the sweet chestnuts.

Lovran and the surrounding area have long been known as one of the most interesting autumn food destinations, and the reason for that is the fact that this region is home to a particularly tasty variety of sweet chestnut, locally known as marun. For the last 38 years, Lovran has hosted the famous Marunada sweet chestnut festival, which this year takes place from the 14th to the 30th of October. Last year, Marunada was recommended by the British magazine The Guardian as one of Europe's top ten food festivals. If you still haven't been there, now it's the time to find out why is that so.

The Marunada starts in mid-October in Lovran, and continues on the next two weekends in the neighbouring villages of Dobreć and Liganj, offering lot of entertainment designed to meet the expectations of various types of visitors. The central part of the festival is the unique gastronomic offer of original dishes made with sweet chestnuts, including a wide range of sweets and home-made liqueurs and spirits. In addition, the festival will include various cultural, entertainment and sporting events.

The sporting part of Marunada includes activities aimed at promoting Učka Nature Park and its recreational facilities. The 9th Učka Mountain Trek race will take place on Saturday the 22nd of October. One day later, on Sunday the 23rd of October, there will be the 9th mountain bike tour "Giro di Marunada" on the route from Lovran to Lovranska Draga and Dobreć. Finally, the traditional Marunada hiking tour to Mount Učka will take place at the end of the month, more precisely on the 29th of October.

If you cannot make it to Lovran in that period, but you could, for example, at the beginning of October, let us just say that Lovran's restaurants and taverns will be offering tasty specialities such as sweet chestnut soup, rumpsteak in sweet chestnut sauce, or pancakes in sweet chestnut cream, during the entire month of October.