Kvarner newsletter / no 45

October on the island of Rab
Great choice for everyone

The island of Rab continues to offer many events and services to its visitors even after the end of the summer season. Many of these events are based on local tradition and some of the island's distinctive features. The events in October are dedicated to some of the island's authentic flavours, adventure and ecology...

The tourist season on the island of Rab continues with an interesting adventure race on the 1st of October: the Rab Adventure Challenge (R.A.C.). This race is open to everyone – from top professional athletes to amateurs, recreational athletes and nature lovers – and will include various outdoor sports such as trekking, mountain biking, kayaking, swimming, diving, and coasteering. All the disciplines require excellent orientation skills and the ability to use compass and map. The disciplines for the race were selected according to natural resources and configuration of the ground. Since this is a coastal race, the participants – teams of two members each – must be ready for many "immediate contacts" with the sea.
After this race, visitors to Rab are invited to the EcoWeek – Kanata 2011 festival from the 3rd to the 7th of October, an event that has been designed to present various tastes and scents of Rab. Each day of the festival will be dedicated to a specific type of food, and the visitors will travel to the estates that take part in this festival by bicycle.

The festival starts with the Wine Day, which will include a visit to a vineyard and wine sampling at the Jureša Family in Barbat. The second day of the festival, the 4th of October, is dedicated to olives, and will include a visit to the olive grove of the Gabrić Family in Mundanije, where interested visitors can taste various olive products. The next day will be dedicated to honey and will include a visit to the eco farm "Natura Rab" by the Kaštelan Family in Barbat. The Day of Lavender on the 6th of October will include a visit to the large lavender fields by the Španjol Family in Mundanije, giving visitors a chance to learn what can be done with this plant.

The bike tour within each of the mentioned programmes starts at 10 a.m. from the Boškopini Park in the town of Rab.

After these recreational eco programmes, the Municipium Arba Square in the town of Rab will host the Kanata festival on the 7th of October. This event will mark the end of the main tourist season with a wide selection of original dishes of the island prepared by the Imperial Hotel Company and a concert by the Klapa Cambi.