Kvarner newsletter / no 45

Mystery shoppers on the island of Lošinj
Outstanding quality of services and facilities

After three visits to the island of Lošinj last summer, mystery shoppers from the Heraklea company rated their satisfaction with the island's tourism offer and services with 83 out of 100, which is well above average. Of course, those elements with which they were not entirely happy will certainly be improved in time for next season...

After the first three visits of the mysterious shoppers from the Heraklea company to the island of Lošinj on request of the Mali Lošinj Tourism office, the first results were published earlier this September and showed some outstanding results. The quality of the services was rated with 83 out of 100 per cent. The measurement also identified some elements that are still not satisfactory, but will now be improved more easily.

This is the first phase of the project that will include further satisfaction measurements in the coming period. The results revealed outstanding satisfaction with the hospitality and availability of tourism professionals and a series of elements related to the quality of the offer and accommodation.

Mysterious shoppers visited the island in three phases, were accommodated in hotels, campsites, sent postcards from post offices, went to banks, drove in a taxi, took local excursions, dined in restaurants and kept record of every single detail. In June, July and August, mysterious shoppers of different ages visited local attractions, bought souvenirs and asked for information throughout the island. On the basis of all reports, the Heraklea company made a list of recommendations which can help improve the services that need improving, and an overview of activities that must be done to further improve the overall quality.