Kvarner newsletter / no 45

Rijeka Town Museum
Two large exhibitions in one place

"Emilio Ambrosini – architectural works in Rijeka and Opatija 1884-1912" and the retrospective exhibition "One Hundred Years of the Split Photo Club" are two large projects on display this October in the Rijeka Town Museum.

This October, the Rijeka Town Museum offers its visitors two very interesting exhibitions. The first is dedicated to some outstanding architectural achievements in Rijeka and Opatija, and the second represents a retrospective of the best works and authors who exhibited in one of Croatia's best known photo clubs, the Split Photo Club, during the last hundred years.

The title of the first exhibition is "Emilio Ambrosini – architectural works in Rijeka and Opatija 1884-1912". It includes photographs and designs of numerous façades in Rijeka and Opatija, and a book presenting the entire opus of the author. This exhibition will remain open from the 15th of September until the 29th of October. Emilio Ambrosini was Rijeka's most significant secession architect. Between 1884 and 1912, he designed many famous façades and interiors in Rijeka and Opatija in the spirit of Central European historicist architecture. After education in Graz in Austria, where he learned the basics of his future work, he found continuous inspiration in the art of secession. Many of his façades are distinguished for a specific, very sophisticated style. This can still today be seen on typical façade decorations on some of his most famous buildings such as the houses Schittar, Fabich, Sambalino-Ploech and many others.

The second exhibition, which was opened on the 20th of September and will run until the 27th of October, is a retrospective of numerous photographers from all over Dalmatia who played a significant role in the development of Croatian photography during the last century. The three largest photo clubs in Croatia are the ones in Zagreb, Split and Rijeka, and this "photo story" from Split may be a great overture for a similar retrospective of artists from Rijeka.

One of the oldest and best known photographs on this exhibition is entitled "Farewell in the Split Harbour". It was taken by Murpourgo Luciano exactly one hundred years ago.