Kvarner newsletter / no 45

Autumn in Mali Lošinj
Interesting, active and educational

Although the reason for visiting the islands of Cres and Lošinj may vary depending on the season, some things always remain the same: a packed calendar of events and the opportunity to enjoy the area's unspoilt nature and excellent wellness service will be there for you regardless of the time of the year. In addition, your hosts have prepared some interesting activities such as learning the Croatian language, visiting museums presenting the area's rich history, engaging in a variety of sports, or learning about this island's extraordinary natural heritage...

Foreign visitors to Lošinj who are interested in learning Croatian language can attend a one-week course at any time of the year. After four hours of learning every day, there are plenty opportunities for practice in "real life", during the afternoon tour of the island and its most interesting sights. This language course is aimed at all generations: young, adults, or business partners of Croatian companies from abroad. Having in mind Lošinj's unique ambience, this is a perfect chance to combine work and pleasure. From September to May, there are also guided tours of museums in Lošinj and Cres presenting local historical heritage. If you are planning to visit Lošinj, we also recommend taking your tennis equipment with you, because here you can play or learn tennis all year round – summer being probably the least appropriate season because of the heat. Any other time of the year is ideal for playing.

October is the month of a special programme entitled Lošinj Survivor, which is aimed at athletes in good shape with good hiking experience who are willing to test their skills on some quite demanding yet surprisingly beautiful routes.

But whatever you decide to do during the day, rest assured that a stay in Lošinj is always a great chance for relaxation. There are some weekend aromatherapy programmes that include workshops and a trip to the spiritual-energetic trail of St. Gaudentius at Mount Osoršćica. You can also learn something about the island's fragrant wild growing plants, savour some healthy food prepared with locally grown citrus fruits, or enjoy some interesting wellness programmes.