Kvarner newsletter / no 4

Municipality of Lokve
Renovation of the campsite, construction of the hotel and the commercial zone

The municipality of Lokve has issued detailed urban development plans covering many projects, the largest being the Špićunak campsite, the Mrzla vodica catering and tourist establishment, and the Homer commercial zone.

The Špićunak campsite should become a representative tourist complex including a daily supply centre, toilet facilities, food outlets, catering establishment with a restaurant and a fast-food restaurant. The campsite will include a network of walking tracks, a discotheque, barbecues and areas for paintball and similar activities. This is a very demanding project that will be built in phases. After completion, the campsite will provide a total of 60 camping spaces over an area of approximately 2.5 hectares.

The Mrzla vodica catering and tourist establishment will be situated in an attractive location on the opposite side of the lake to the Emperor’s Bridge (Carev most). The plan is to build a hotel with eighty beds, a restaurant and a belvedere, then a pool with accompanying facilities, walking paths, a children’s playground or tennis court, a picnic area with barbecues, bike paths and a recreational horse-riding track.

The other side of the lake should become a holiday village consisting of villas and apartments.

The Homer commercial zone will include a number of smaller business and production buildings, services facilities and some temporary kiosks. It is also planned to build a parking area, shops for daily supplies and food outlets.