Kvarner newsletter / no 46

Traditional Chinese medicine in Thalassotherapia

Opatija and its renowned health institution, Thalassotherapia, have long been known for the tradition of health tourism. Now there’s an additional reason to visit the town – Opatija is dedicating this November to traditional Chinese medicine.

Therapists form China will demonstrate their skills to the inhabitants and visitors of Opatija to help them overcome diseases and improve their overall well-being. Let us mentions just a few treatments here. Cupping therapy can help in relaxation and detoxification and is effective for colds, pneumonia and removing cellulite, scars, sport injuries etc. Gua Sha therapy uses jade to reduce fatigue, boost immunity, relieve tension and pain in the neck and back…Acupuncture can help with headache, facial paralysis, sciatica, lumbago, or arthritis. A pressure on acupressure points on the ear or Tui Na massage help boost immunity and eliminate many kinds of pain.
The host to the therapists from China is the famous Thalassotherapia institution from Opatija, renowned for its centenarian tradition of health tourism and modern methods of healing and rehabilitation for patients with cardiac, rheumatic and other issues. Thalassotherapia is today the leading Croatian centre for modern health tourism, which also includes the modern Thalasso-Wellness Centre that covers an area of 2,500 square metres and offers a wide range of medical programmes and beauty and relaxation treatments.