Kvarner newsletter / no 46

Gorski kotar
Your very own Christmas tale

For Christmas and New Year's holidays with a winter atmosphere, Gorski kotar is the perfect choice, offering idyllic landscapes, excellent gastronomy, a wide range of recreational and winter sport facilities, and the unique opportunity to celebrate the New Year twice!

The mountainous inland part of Kvarner, the wooded Gorski kotar area, is ideal for a romantic Christmas or New Year's break. It offers everything you need for a romantic celebration: pines and firs, snow for idyllic walks, sledding or skiing, excellent food and friendly hosts in hotels or private guesthouses. A combination of festive atmosphere, winter sports and visiting natural and cultural attractions of the area is increasingly popular among visitors. Particularly worth mentioning is the opportunity to celebrate the New Year twice in Fužine – first on the 31st of December at noon, at the famous open-air celebration, which includes toast and fireworks display and is suitable for children. The "official" celebration follows several hours later in local hotels and restaurants.
There is a very special reason for sending this holiday invitation already now: Gorski kotar has rather limited accommodation capacities that are booked very early, sometimes even one year in advance. Therefore we invite you to book your winter tale in Gorski kotar as soon as possible!