Kvarner newsletter / no 46

"Pasani tempi or times long gone by"
Exhibition of vistas of Rijeka in the past

Until the 12th of November, Rijeka's Museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts will host an exhibition of the renowned artist Vojislav Vojo Radoičić entitled "Pasani tempi or times long gone by". The exhibition will present works from the period between 1958 and 1970, which, like most of this artist’s opus, depict Rijeka how it changed through history in a specific style of this famous artist.

Those familiar with the art works of the renowned painter Vjekoslav Vojo Radoičić have eagerly awaited his latest exhibition entitled "Pasani tempi or times long gone by", which Mali salon will be equally interesting also to those who have not yet had the chance to become familiar the work of this distinctive artist. His colourful paintings present Rijeka as it used to be in the past, some of the town's amenities that used to play an important role in the life of its inhabitants, and the unique combination of the town and the surrounding sea.
The exhibition can be viewed in the exhibition area of Rijeka's Museum of Modern and Contemporary until the 12th of November.
Vjekoslav Vojo Radoičić, born in 1930, specialises in painting, sculpture, children's book illustrations, applied graphics and textile design. He is regular member of the Croatian Association of Artists in Rijeka and Zagreb and of the Vereinigung Bildender Künstler Österreichs, Wien-Schönbrunn, and lives and works at several addressees – in Begovo Razdolje, Rijeka and Vienna. So far Radoičić exhibited at more than 160 solo exhibitions in Croatia and abroad, often engaging in applied arts (TV and theatre stage design). He is the winner of numerous awards, and those who are familiar with his work will assure you that there is no part of Croatia that he has not transformed in some form of artwork. His style is very distinctive indeed – colourful, vivid, both simple and rich in detail. This exhibition includes ca. fifty collages on canvas and wood from the period 1958 – 1970. To mark the 30th anniversary, the exhibition also includes his sculpture The Head (auto portrait) from 1982, which is part of the collection of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts.