Kvarner newsletter / no 46

Museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts – Rijeka
BQ 4 / Biennale Quadrilaterale 4

The fourth edition of Rijeka's BQ – Biennale Quadrilaterale is dedicated to a new subject: Out of left field. This phrase, taken from American baseball, meaning "out of the blue", describes the main concept of this year's festival: the element of surprise, allusion to political and ideological ideas that influenced art in the past and continue to do so. The biennale will take place from the 11th of November until the 23rd of December.

Rijeka's art biennale, known as the BQ or Biennale Quadrilaterale, this year takes place from the 11th of November until the 23rd of December in the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Arts. This will be the fourth edition of the biennale (the first took place in 2005), which each time focuses on a different subject. The topic of the first biennale was relativism and the possibility to measure different systems. The second biennale presented the crisis of a cultural hero, and the third focused on the corners and intersections of media arts and the determination of global and local, virtual and real. This year's topic is Out of Left Field, a phrase from American baseball, meaning out of the blue or unexpectedly. This means that this year's biennale will focus on the element of surprise and the allusion to individual political and ideological influences on modern arts, which many modern artists do not create in the classical form, but rather through performances.
This year's biennale will try to raise questions related to the art of performance. How can radical practices, which often inspire performers, be displayed in a museum or gallery ambience? How does the changing role of art institutions as a living centre of culture affect the artists' conception of performances? Can a "museum-sustainable" performance remain radical and provocative such as the pioneering performances from the 1970s, organised outside institutions?
The exhibition will therefore be very dynamic and narrative and will include various performance strategies – installations, films, videos and photography. In addition, there will be an extensive accompanying programme where interested visitors will have the chance to take part in the discussion with the artists in an interactive way.
Regarding the fact that every new edition of Rijeka's biennale includes participation of an increasing number of artists from the region, this year's BQ will have a distinctive international character.