Kvarner newsletter / no 4

Municipality of Čavle
Renovation of the Platak ski area

The new project foresees the renovation of the Platak Alpine hut, which should provide more beds, and the construction of new amenities in this area.

The Municipality of Čavle and the County Institute for Sustainable Development and Spatial Planning want to transform Platak into an attractive skiing and entertainment resort.

The accommodation capacity of the Platak Alpine hut should be increased from 80 to 130 beds, and there is the possibility of transforming the hut into a three-star hotel.

Experts and representatives of the government have visited similar ski resorts in neighbouring Western European countries with the aim of applying some of their ideas and experiences to Platak.

The County of Primorje-Gorski kotar has provided money for drawing up a conceptual design for the area of Platak and has called for tenders for the renovation of the Alpine hut to add more amenities to it.

The Platak ski area is located only 30 kilometres from the centre of the County, that is, the town of Rijeka. It was built in the mid-20th century and gained popularity at the end of the 1970s , after the construction of a two-person ski lift.

Platak is a small, family-oriented ski area that continues to attract visitors not only in winter, but throughout other seasons as well because of its beautiful mountain landscapes and unspoiled nature. In addition to skiers in winter, Platak is regularly visited by hikers, walkers, cyclists, and many other nature lovers seeking a place where they can at least for a while escape from city crowds and the concrete environment. It is particularly popular as a weekend destination for families.

Platak's fine gastronomic offering and range of accommodation are attracting ever more visitors to the area, and after renovation of the Alpine hut there will certainly be even more.