Kvarner newsletter / no 47

CNN's list
Rijeka's Kantrida among the world's most unusual football stadiums

Rijeka's Kantrida stadium is remarkable for its location between a natural cliff and the sea shore. This is why CNN has listed Kantrida among the world's most unusual football stadiums, and why, when you come to Rijeka, you must not miss the chance to visit this unique attraction!

CNN, the global information channel, has recently published a list of the world's most unusual football stadiums. Among stadiums from around the world that do not boast any famous names, great images or expensive equipment, but rather fascinate with their distinctive personality, is Rijeka's Kantrida stadium. Any football fan from the local area knows very well that this is true for Kantrida, a stadium set almost at the sea level with a natural cliff raging above it on one side. Playing football on this stadium might result in a ball missing in the sea, and viewing matches sitting just above the surface of the blue Adriatic is truly a unique experience.
The idea of this list was to present some less well-known stadiums that cannot compare to iconic multi-million structures, but are despite that particularly attractive because of some of their distinctive features. The list does not include the world's biggest arenas – Brazil's Maracana, London's Wembley and Madrid's Santiago Bernabe, but rather focuses on some less famous that are popular among football fans for some other reasons.
Kantrida stadium, which is located at the western entrance to the town in the direction of Opatija, is home to the NK Rijeka football team of the Croatian national league. Despite its limited capacity of 10,000, the Kantrida stadium is, in the words of CNN's journalists, "perfectly formed. (…) One side of the arena is dwarfed by a giant cliff face. However, the Kantrida offers visual beauty on the other side as well, being perched alongside the crystal blue waters of the Adriatic Sea."