Kvarner newsletter / no 47

Agritourism Manjon – a new destination for gourmets

Visitors to Kvarner now have an interesting new place to visit: the Agritourism Manjon will certainly become a popular destination among those wishing to sample snail dishes and other specialities of the local area. For the last ten years, the family which owns this agritourism has been successfully breeding snails, and six years ago started a production as the first in Croatia and third in Europe. Opening the restaurant was a logical continuation of this successful story.

The Agroturizam Manjon is located in the village of Rukavac in the municipality of Matulji near Opatija. The owners of this property started snail farming in 1990, and today they have 109 subcontractors. Six years ago, the company introduced its own trade mark "Hram okusa" ("Temple of Flavours"), which includes snails and various snail products such as salami, sauces and similar. Many of these products are available from large supermarkets and in gourmet stores all over Croatia.
The logical next step was the opening of a restaurant in the centre of the village of Rukavac, in the same building that hosts the snail production facility and the interesting Ethnographic Museum dedicated to the local carnival tradition of zvončari bell-ringers. Visitors to the restaurant will thus have the chance to learn more about this local tradition and to sample snail specialities and traditional dishes of the region.
In the words of its owners, the Agritourism Manjon is primarily aimed at group visitors such as tourist groups, wedding receptions and various celebrations, or business meetings. The intention is to make this property part of the Matulji's and Kvarner's tourism offer.
Snail meat has low cholesterol levels, positive effect on digestive organs, accelerates the digestion, and has other beneficial effects. It was proven that snail mucus has a bactericidal effect, like the streptomycin antibiotic. This is why snails do not get ill, and why snail meat is a healthy safe food.