Kvarner newsletter / no 47

The first club performance in Croatia
Stereo MCs in Rijeka!

After last year's performances in Zagreb and Pula, the legendary British dance group Stereo MCs comes to Rijeka. On the 3rd of December, the group will promote its new album "The Emperor's Nightingale" in the Stereo Dvorana on their first club performance in Croatia.

The British dance group Stereo MCs comes to Rijeka for the first time! On the 3rd of December, the group will perform at the Stereo Dvorana on their first club appearance in Croatia. Until now, Stereo MCs gave several concerts on large stages in the Zagreb Arena and Pula Arena, and last year they performed at the News Year's Eve concert on the central city square in Zagreb. The performance in Rijeka will be the first chance for Croatian fans to experience their music in a more intimate atmosphere.
Stereo MCs formed in 1985, at the time when acid house scene started emerging all over Europe. In the same year, their album 33-45-78 announced the first steps of this new scene, which eventually developed into a worldwide phenomenon.
One year later, the group (Rob Birch, the Head, Cath Coffey and Owen If) released its first single Elevate My Mind, which made it to the American top charts and paved the way for the new album Supernatural. They also released a series of new remixes of international stars such as U2, Queen Latifah, Electronic, PM Dawn and others. In 1992, the group released a new studio album "Connected", which is today, nearly twenty years later, considered to be almost an evergreen. Hit singles from that album such as Connected, Step It Up, Creation and Ground Level can still be heard on many radio stations around the world, and have won many musical awards, most important probably being the Brit Award for the best album and the best group.
After that, the group returned to making remixes, and some of its members started solo careers. In 2001, Stereo MCs reunited and released another successful album Deep Down & Dirty. Since then, they have released another studio album – "Paradise" and two live albums (At the BBC and Live at the BBC in 2007 and 2008). In August 2011, the group released its latest album The Emperor's Nightingale, which will be promoted on this concert in Rijeka.
Ticket prices for the Rijeka concert range from 90 to 120 kuna, depending on the date of purchase. The tickets can be obtained through the Eventim online system, at the muzika.hr website, and in Rijeka's Dallas Music Shop.