Kvarner newsletter / no 47

New attraction in Lovran
Lovran Tower opens to the public

The Lovran Tower, which offers magnificent views of Kvarner Bay, the island of Cres, Učka Nature Park and the centre of the town, has recently been refurbished and opened to individual and group visitors. In addition to learning more about its history, visitors can buy original souvenirs here and enjoy the exhibition of old images and postcards of Lovran.

Lovran now boasts a new tourist attraction – the old tower in the old part of the town has recently been refurbished and is now open to the public. This impressive massive building, remnant of the medieval fortification, is located at the entrance to the St. George Square (Trg svetog Jurja).
One part of this square tower dates back to the Middle Ages, which can be seen from the preserved original carved stone blocks. The upper part is of a more recent origin – it was added after the 17th-century war.
The interior of the tower was recently completely refurbished and now hosts an atelier and permanent exhibitions at all levels, from the ground up to the third floor.
This winter, the tower will host a large exhibition of old images and postcards of Lovran from the Austro-Hungarian times and the Italian era to the present day. In addition, from the 10th of December the tower will also host a permanent exhibition dedicated to the expedition to the North Pole and the discovery of the Franz Josef Land, whose members were three men from the local area – one from Opatija, one from Volosko, and one from Lovran. His name was Vicko Palmić.
Visitors to the tower will also have the chance to buy some typical souvenirs of the Lovran area, including those with the motifs of sweet chestnuts, cherries, asparagus, and the city tower.
In addition to its artistic and historical importance, this tower is attractive for another reason – from its third floor one can admire impressive views of the Kvarner Bay, Lovran's old part of the town, the island of Cres, and Učka Nature Park. Your hosts will also offer delicious home-made honey brandy.
The tower is open for individual and group visits from Monday to Friday from 9 to 16, and on Saturdays from 9 to 13. Ticket price is 2 euros.