Kvarner newsletter / no 47

Kastav Christmas Tale
Why not take part in decorating the town's Christmas tree?

In the weeks before Christmas, concerts and other seasonal events are all around. This year, however, we would like to offer you something very special indeed – for in addition to the particularly beautiful festive atmosphere in Kastav, made even better by the members of the Spinčići Musical Society who have carefully preserved the area's musical heritage, there is now a new tradition – anyone who wants can join in decorating the town's Christmas tree.

If you find yourself in Kastav, a romantic old town located on a hill 365 metres above sea level halfway between Opatija and Rijeka on the Christmas Eve or in the days before Epiphany, we invite you to help decorating the town's central Christmas tree. This is a new tradition that was initiated by the members of the local Idi Vidi association, which have already organised a series of other entertainment and traditional events in recent years, such as the Festival of time. The idea is very simple: since such Christmas trees are always located on the most frequent spots in the town – in Kastav in front of the renaissance town loggia – it can be logically assumed that most passers-by will gather there. The idea is therefore to invite people to choose decorations that they like most and help decorate the tree, which is why this project has become a social event. People come there to help decorate the tree in a good company, have fun, and let their creativity run free. This year, Christmas tree lights will be powered by two bicycles – one for adults, the other for children – therefore we invite you to help liven up the Kastav Christmas tree and enjoy the magic of Christmas.
This unique festive atmosphere in Kastav will be further enhanced by two concerts of the Spinčići Musical Society: the Christmas concert on the 25th and the New Year's concert on the 26th of December. This orchestra has been active for 90 years and has always taken particular care of the musical tradition of the town of Kastav and the entire region. The orchestra has already performed on many concerts all over Croatia and also in Italy, Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and more. This year's two concerts – the Christmas concert in the Church of St. Helen and the New Year's Concert in the Dom braće Matešić Hall – will make the forthcoming festivities even nicer and more romantic.