Kvarner newsletter / no 48

Ideal companion for your spring vacation
Municipality of Čavle Bike Map

If you are not a fan of cycling in winter, this does not mean that you cannot plan some new cycling tours or an interesting holiday for next spring. This is why the Municipality of Čavle Tourist Board has prepared a new cycling map with suggestions for eight exciting tours in the immediate vicinity of the city of Rijeka.

Although the winter period, especially in a snow-covered mountain landscape, will probably not inspire many people to go for a bike ride, we should not forget that winter will be over soon, and spring is ideal for planning adventures on two wheels. For this reason, the Tourist Board of the Municipality of Čavle, an area located in the immediate vicinity of the city of Rijeka, has recently presented its latest project – a biking map with suggestions for eight tours.

The map, which can be obtained from the office of the Čavle Tourist Board at a symbolic price, presents basic information about bike trails, but it also includes information about the history and geography of the Čavle and Grobnik area. Considering the fact that this area boasts some beautiful natural landmarks, there is no doubt that the bikers will have a great time and learn some new interesting facts. In addition to the description of the eight trails in the overall length of 63.5 kilometres, the map gives an account on some interesting sites along the way. If you are interested in learning how the famous Grobnik cheese is made, the map will help you find the way. If you would like to know more about the area's history, for example with regard to the Frankopan Castle, the map will provide some basic information and inform you about some other interesting details, such as the paths used by mljekarice women who carried milk in the past. The area is also interesting for its flora and fauna, and all the amenities are easily accessible to cyclists.

The map also includes information about the difficulty levels of individual trails and a list of accommodation facilities and eating establishments.