Kvarner newsletter / no 48

New collection of Rijeka souvenirs
Gifts signed by the renowned painter Vojo Radoičić

Last December, the collection of original Rijeka souvenirs that can be found in several gift shops in the town and at the Rijeka Tourist Board website has been complemented with some new items signed by the renowned artist from Rijeka Vjekoslav Vojo Radoičić.

The city of Rijeka has recently got new souvenirs that have a high use value and are signed by the famous painter Vjekoslav Vojo Radoičić. His colourful, imaginative images are now present on the new souvenirs.

If you buy a new umbrella in Rijeka, you can rest assured that from now on your rainy days will be much more colourful thanks to the artwork by Radoičić. The cheerful design was also applied to other items – kitchen cutting boards, coaster sets, cloth bags... The new collection includes ten types of souvenirs produced by the "Mića mala" company, which invited this renowned artist to create some new, recognisable items decorated with cheerful motifs typical of the local area. It is this cheerfulness that distinguishes Radoičić and made him famous in Croatia and abroad.
The collection is available for sale at several locations: in the shops "Zeleno i plavo", "Mala galerija" and "Migotin" in the Old Town and in the souvenir shop "La Mamma" in Trsat. In addition, the items can be obtained from the souvenir web shop on the Rijeka Tourist Board website.

The offer of typical souvenirs in Rijeka has already included a wide range of usable items, ceramics, jewellery, paintings and other high-quality artworks. Since this town boasts a series of typical motifs, these original souvenirs cannot be found anywhere else except in the Kvarner region. Some of the best-known motifs are the Morčić (stylised head of a black person) that is available in many variations, as jewellery or home decoration, or the figures of zvončari bell-ringers, protected by UNESCO, and a series of other original items from Rijeka related to its history and sacred heritage presented in a modern, interesting way.