Kvarner newsletter / no 48

"The World of Kupa" project
Programmes of spiritual and vital regeneration

Did you know that the River Kupa, which flows through Gorski kotar, forms an important part of a European energy axis that has a healing effect on the spiritual and material life around us? This idea underpins the creation of the latest tourist project in this area, aimed at encouraging visitors to explore its natural potential and do some good for their health...

"The World of Kupa" is the latest tourist-health project that will surely inspire many lovers of nature interested in its healing powers to visit Gorski kotar, more precisely the valley of River Kupa, a highly regenerative area that makes an important link of the so-called European energy axis that stretches from Crete in the south to Iceland in the north.

This important European "energy spine" includes all seven main energy centres (chakras). The Croatian part of this path stretches along the Kupa Valley and includes both natural habitats and human settlements – Brod na Kupi, Delnice, and Čabar, and the wider areas of the municipalities of Skrad and Brod Moravice. However, the regenerative power of this area – which will be tested by the participants of the geomantic-lithopunctural programme – does not include only the energy of natural forces, but also numerous specially designed points. Along the entire flow of River Kupa, which also flows through the neighbouring country of Slovenia, there are 40 vital energy points, connected by six meditation paths.

Three such paths in the Delnice area follow the old forest trails where human soul can relax and communicate with its own being. There you can truly become one with nature and enjoy every sound, touch and smell. At the entrances to the energy area there are menhirs with engraved cosmograms, and one is located in the King Tomislav Park in Delnice.

The project is based in Brod na Kupi and in the village of Fara in Slovenia, which are divided with just a narrow space of the international border. However, healing programmes are organised all along River Kupa according to geomantic research, which revealed vital energy sources along its entire flow. With the help of lithopuncture and meditation exercises, these sources can give regeneration power for spiritual renewal. Stone menhirs with engraved cosmograms represent acupuncture points in the space (like in humans) with the aim of transferring energy between them to achieve a better energy balance in the space and a symbiosis of humans, nature and landscape.

The programme is available throughout the year, and the project also includes a cultural event entitled "Brod, steps through centuries" inspired by the legacy of the Zrinski noble family and the historic castle in Brod na Kupi.

Detailed information about the programme is available at the e-mail address svijet.kupe@gmail.com.