Kvarner newsletter / no 48

Night of Museums in Rijeka
When the arts turn day and night upside down

Although Rijeka's museums are always well visited throughout the year, the next Night of Museums, which takes place in the town on January 27, will surely bring even more science and art lovers to the town’s museums in the late hours, where they will enjoy various programmes designed to additionally liven up this traditional event.

Judging from previous years, the next Night of Museums on January 27 will make many inhabitants and visitors of Rijeka visit some of the town's museums in the late evening hours and enjoy free tours and various entertainment programmes that will be organised in each museum.

Many of the town's museums and galleries will take part in this event: the Town of Rijeka Museum, the History and Maritime Museum of the Croatian Littoral, the Natural History museum, the Museum of Computers and IT technology – Retro Computer Club Peek and Poke and the Rijeka Astronomy Centre.

On Friday January 27, all the museums that take part in the event will remain open from 6 p.m. until 1 after midnight, and the entrance will be free for all visitors.
The museums will welcome visitors with actual exhibitions and entertainment programmes – concerts, performances, promotions, specially designed guided tours, and sales of specialised publications and souvenirs. Whether you decide to visit all the museums or just some of them, it is up to you. Our recommendation is to try to at least peek into each of them.
As in previous years, the museums that take part in the event will offer various thematic exhibitions.

The Town of Rijeka Museum will offer free visits to the exhibitions "Rijeka in Hungarian Memories – the donation by Csaba Skultéty to the Széchényi National Library". The History and Maritime Museum of the Croatian Littoral will present two large exhibitions – "The Golden Track", dedicated to the jewellery in the Kvarner region, and "The Flying Man Stanko Bloudek (1890-1959)".

Interesting programmes will be offered in the Museum of Computers and IT Technology – Retro Computer Club Peek and Poke, which hosts Croatia's largest collection of old computers, calculators and other technological devices.

To those interested in geography, marine sciences and biology, we recommend visiting the Natural History Museum, which hosts a permanent exhibition entitled "Geological History of the Adriatic" and numerous other collections dedicated to similar topics.