Kvarner newsletter / no 4

Municipality of Fužine
From pilgrimages to sports and recreation

The small town of Fužine is located in the south-western part of Gorski kotar at 730 metres above sea level. Surrounded by picturesque hills with centuries-old coniferous woods and beautiful lakes, it is a well-known tourist destination with the tradition of welcoming guests dating back to 1874, when first visitors arrived to the area with special trains from Sušak, Rijeka and other surrounding places.

In the immediate vicinity of Fužine are three artificial lakes that were built for the needs of the hydroelectric power plants. The waters of Gorski kotar generally abound in trout, chub, some species of salmon, carp, pike and white amur and are a real Mecca for angler. The lakes are also suitable for sailing regattas, diving competitions, windsurfing, boating and canoeing. The forest of Gorski kotar abound in game and attract many hunters.

One of the most impressive cultural landmarks in Fužine is the largest church in Gorski kotar dedicated to the patron saint of Fužine – the Church of St. Anthony of Padua. The ethnographic collection in Lič is a monument of culture and is today a respected museum displaying various exhibitions. Lič is also known for the oldest church in the region – the Church of St. George (Sv. Juraj) from 1662. In the field of Ličko polje is the Sanctuary of Mother of God of Snow (Svetište Majke Božje Snježne), which is visited by pilgrims every year on the 5th of August.

Another tourist attraction near Fužine is the cave of Vrelo, the only cave made accessible for tourists in Croatia through which an underground stream of water flows. The cave is well lit and equipped for guided tours.

Fužine also offers sports and recreational facilities. There are nine marked walking and bicycle paths, many hiking tracks, and the popular promenade around the Lake Bajer with a trim trail. Gorica Park has three tennis courts, and in the village of Vrata is a centre for sports and recreation Gmajna.

Fužine are well known for its restaurants offering various gastronomic specialities based on local recipes, including dishes made of mushrooms, game and fruits of the forest. Accommodation is provided in pensions, hotels, apartments and mountain holiday homes with wellness and fitness facilities.