Kvarner newsletter / no 48

Winter in Delnice
Enjoy ice-skating, skiing, bowling...

If you are a fan of winter sports and snow landscapes, but are not one of those who enjoy spending your family holidays in crowded ski centres, we recommend visiting a similar yet quite different winter destination: the small town of Delnice, where you can go skiing, ice-skating, or bowling, and enjoy the traditionally warm welcome...

A thick blanket of snow always inspires people to spend some time in the open air, walking or pursuing some winter sports. Some prefer popular ski centres; others enjoy spending their holidays in some smaller places that offer attractive services and facilities. One such place is Delnice, a small town in Gorski kotar, which offers various opportunities to enjoy snow, and where all members of the family will find something for themselves regardless of their age.

In the centre of the town there is the deln.ICE indoor ice rink, which from mid-December hosts a small ice skating school. However, ice skating is just one of recreational opportunities offered in Delnice. While children learn how to skate or make pirouettes, their parents can enjoy bowling in the nearby four-lane bowling alley, swimming in a warm pool in the Delnice Sports Hall, or just enjoy the area's winter atmosphere. Since the town's Multi-purpose Sports and Tourism Hall in winter serves exclusive as an indoor ice rink of Olympic size, which will remain open until mid-March, the main part of the town's offer of entertainment programmes will take place on ice. In January Delnice will host the attractive Ice Sports Games, and in February there will be several interesting events: Wild West on Ice, Valentine's on Ice, Carnival on Ice, Mexico on Ice, and the celebration of the deln.ICE ice rink's 3rd anniversary.

For those who prefer snow to ice, the Petehovac ski area, which also offers night skiing, is only five kilometres from the centre of Delnice.
This ski area is primarily aimed at recreational skiers and children who are beginning to learn how to ski. The slope is approximately 350 metres long and has a ski lift. The initial part is a very gentle slope, the central part is a bit steeper, and the final part is rather flat again. In addition to Alpine skiing in the Petehovac ski area, Delnice also offers several cross-country skiing trails. However, the most attractive feature and a landmark of Delnice is the 70-metre ski jump on the north-eastern slope of Japlenški vrh. This is the only Croatian ski jump, which was built in 1947. Over time, a small jump for training has been added.

Having in mind the great offer of recreational opportunities and accommodation facilities in the town (hotels and small private guesthouses), a holiday in Delnice can be very attractive, and yet so different from staying in some crowded ski destination.