Kvarner newsletter / no 48

Skiing just a few steps away from the sea
Snow holidays in Gorski kotar

If you would like to spend your winter holidays in an idyllic landscape that remains covered by snow for at least three months of the year, and that also offers a wide range of activities, then Gorski kotar is the perfect choice for you.
Classic and touring skiing, ski jumps, modern sledding areas...all these await visitors who choose Gorski kotar for their most enjoyable activity holidays.

Did you know that in Croatia you can enjoy skiing with a view of the sea? This unique opportunity is available in the Platak family ski area, which is located in the vicinity of the city of Rijeka. Apart from enjoying beautiful views of the sea and the Kvarner Bay, in Platak you can also enjoy a variety of winter sports: skiing on the 1200-metre-long Radaševo ski slope (where you can also ski at night), sledding, snowball fight … In the valley beneath the ski area there is also an 1-kilometre-long snowmobile trail.

Further in the interior of Gorski kotar, the area surrounding Ravna Gora is ideal for lovers of night and cross-country skiing. In addition, this area also features some great opportunities for sledding. The Šije skiing area features a small 200-metre ski lift suitable for recreational skiing by day and by night.

The newest attraction in this area is a large fun park in Kupjak with a sledding area of 6000 square metres and a carpet ski lift that leads to the top of the hill. There is an attractive Snow Tubby trail that in winter is used for snow tubing, and in other parts of the year for the same purpose – only without snow. If you are near Mrkopalj, it is good to know that the area of Čelimbaša (1084 m) has three ski slopes. Two of them are red slopes of 1350 and 1000 metres, and the third is more difficult – a black slope of 500 metres. The slopes are prepared daily with two snow groomers.

Apart from ski slopes, this area also features the Zagmajna biathlon trail suitable for training and recreational cross-country skiing with an overall length of ca. 4.5 kilometres.
Another very popular ski centre in Gorski kotar is Rudnik near the village of Tršće. This ski area is located approximately one kilometre from Tršće, on the northern slopes of the Rudnik hill at an elevation of 1052 metres. Skiing here is possible as long as there is natural snow on two slopes, one of 800 metres, and the other of 1000 metres. In the vicinity there are some sledding slopes and two cross-country skiing trails of 3 and 5 kilometres.
If you are a beginner, a good place to make your first skiing steps is the Petehovac ski area near Delnice at an elevation of 1050 metres, which also offers night skiing. The slope is completely suitable for beginners and children and offers good visibility, which adds to the overall security. In addition, the slope has a low inclination, and the ski lift that leads to the top is relatively slow, which makes it suitable for beginners.