Kvarner newsletter / no 49

Spring on the island of Lošinj
Unique experiences to remember

With the awakening of spring, visitors to the island of Lošinj will have the chance to benefit from 16 special programmes for the period until the beginning of the summer season. The programmes are designed to additionally enrich the offer of this island.

If you do not like summer crowds but enjoy benefits of the sea, the islands and a unique combination of tradition and pleasure, we recommend visiting the island of Lošinj in summer and choosing among 16 attractive experiences, each of which is based on some traditional local story. Some of them are connected to the well-known fragrant experiences aimed at lovers of nature, botany and wild-growing plants. The main subject of each of these experiences depends on the time of the year and plants and fruits that ripen then.
For those who intend to visit Lošinj in March and are interested in the island's rich cultural and historical heritage, the way local people used to work and live in the past, and the present customs and culture, we recommend the programme called the Cres-Lošinj Cultural Time Machine.
March on the island of Lošinj brings some new experiences, like the Asparagus Cup – a competition in picking asparagus with excellent refreshment that can only be offered by Lošinj's gastronomy. Those more interested in history can in the same period enjoy the Traces of Apoxyomenos and Paths of Dolphins, a programme which will reveal where the world's best-preserved bronze statue of athlete has been found. There are also some further attractions, like the climbing to the highest mountain of the island or walking through the quaint landscape. If you would like to see a griffon vulture or adopt a dolphin, we suggest the programme called Animal World Educational Tour, which will be one of the most attractive experiences in April.
However, nature is only one of Lošinj's numerous advantages. Other interesting programmes include the Interior Design School, which will take place in February and March, the Croatian for Foreigners language course, or the Come to Lošinj and Take Your Racket With You – both are available throughout the year.
There are also several romantic experiences that can be enjoyed all year round, holiday packages designed to make you acquainted with some of the island's specific features in combination with wellness services and excellent gastronomic experiences. The programmes include From the Heart for Two, Romance on Lošinj, Hidden Enchantments, but the most attractive is the one for couples who decide to get married on Lošinj in May: A Perfect Island for a Perfect Day. This programme offers an unforgettable wedding in the style of Lošinj's captains and includes everything that is needed for that special day – unique location (small church, beach, ship…), accommodation for guests, catering, decorations, invitation and thank-you cards, organisation of the ceremony, and the complete make-up for that special day.
Another attractive programme in the style of Lošinj's captains is the wellness holiday dedicated to old Lošinj's captains and their wives, that is, to pairs who want a high-quality relaxation.
The story of Lošinj's captains reveals another recognisable experience – the Salute the Captain. This important segment of Lošinj's history was chosen for the tourist promotion of the island for two reasons. First, it is specific of Lošinj, and second, this is a great opportunity for visitors to become acquainted with the interesting life of the brave, skilled Lošinj's seafarers, shipbuilders and ship-owners who made this island the centre of maritime affairs in the eastern Mediterranean in the 19th century. The programme includes interesting stories about seafaring and a series of events offering a truly unique experience.