Kvarner newsletter / no 49

Official licence
Tribalj – Croatia's new paragliding paradise

The list of official paragliding runways on Kvarner has recently been enriched by the addition of yet another: Tribalj near Crikvenica. This is great news for all lovers of this sport, but also an extra reason for the local paragliding club and the Municipality of Vinodol Tourist Board to offer new services and facilities.

A very popular paragliding area located in Tribalj in the Municipality of Vinodol that has been attracting fans of this adrenaline sport for many years, at the end of the last year was included in the list of official paragliding areas in Croatia.
This is good news not only for paragliding enthusiasts, but also for tourism professionals and members of the local Flumen Paragliding Club, which will now make additional efforts to promote this area and organise additional activities.
Tribalj has until now been very popular among fans of paragliding because it is located on an excellent position that offers excellent opportunities for flying with a view of the sea and the mountains, and a unique combination of swimming in the sea and flying. Many who already tried parasailing here literally fell in love with the location, because it has many days suitable for flying, a good difference in altitude, can be easily reached, and has two runways – a higher, bigger start, and a lower, smaller start. The ridge from where the paragliders take off is ca. 20 kilometres long, and its rocky slopes provide good wind for professionals and beginners equally, since afternoons are normally quieter than middays.
Kvarner is a famous paragliding destination thanks to its numerous yet not too high ridges and wide areas that are safe for landing.
Members of the Flumen Paragliding Club, and all other enthusiasts who come to Kvarner because of parasailing, have several locations at their disposal. The western slopes of Mount Učka with a view of Istria offer several popular starts. One can also take off from Učka's eastern slopes, from the Pečnik runway in the hinterland of Opatija. This area is famous for excellent flights with the bura wind, while the area of Brgud, located on western slopes of Učka, provides flying possibilities until sunset, which is why this area is very popular for the last flights of a day.
In the area of Grobnik Plain (Grobničko polje) are three popular starts. If you are a beginner, probably the best area for you is in Fužine, that is, the nearby village of Lič, where you can take off from a meadow.
Kvarner's islands are also excellent paragliding destinations, especially Baška on the island of Krk, where you can fly as high as 2,500 metres, which provides unforgettable views of the entire area. You can also start from the islands of Rab and Cres (it must be said that the Lubenice area is by no means suitable for beginners).
Having all these advantages in minds, it is no wonder that many tourists come to the mentioned areas especially because of paragliding. Since Tribalj is now an official paragliding area, it can be assumed that it will very soon become an increasingly popular paragliding destination.
The official licence opened the door for development, so the members of the Flumen Paragliding Club are already making preparations for the organisation of numerous events such as a paragliding festival or the "Vinodol Paragliding Academy Open". It is also planned to issue a brochure about paragliding in Tribalj and to set up additional signposts. The Municipality of Vinodol Tourist Board will also be involved in this project and its promotion.
Despite the official licence, the rules of paragliding remain the same – everybody who owns a flying licence and wants to go paragliding in the area must first report to the competent authorities in the club before taking off.