Kvarner newsletter / no 4

Island of Cres
Days of sheep breeding and olive growing

After investing in activities and services aimed at improving tourist infrastructure in the last few years (accommodation facilities and town streets, preserving the ambience), this year the town of Cres has invested in the creation of new amenities and projects that should add further to the good image of this tourist destination.

This year, the Town of Cres Tourism Office and local people will be striving to build up the town’s cultural identity even more and improve the services offered, ranging from entertainment and sports to gastronomy; this will include the opening of some small privately owned craft shops and the organisation of attractive events based on the island's rich historical, cultural and natural heritage.

These events include the Days of sheep-breeding on Cres and the Days of Cres olives. Both events will take place outside the main summer season and will be complete tourist products providing diverse insight into local sheep-breeding and olive-growing.

The Days of sheep-breeding will recount many interesting stories about the island's sheep, olives and its most famous protected “resident” – the Eurasian griffon vulture. Visitors will be invited to try their hand at sheep shearing, learn about wool-making or taste a variety of specialities. During the Days of Olives, visitors will be given the chance to take part in the olive harvest, learn more about how olive oil is made, and sample numerous local specialities of the area made with olive oil.