Kvarner newsletter / no 49

The Roby Lakatos Ensemble in Sušak
Violin virtuosos in the tradition of Hungary's Gypsies

There are many violin virtuosos whose performances leave audiences breathless, but when the Roby Lakatos Ensemble mounts the stage and starts playing traditional Hungarian Gypsy tunes – this is definitely an atmosphere to remember. This is what the audience expects from their big concert on 7 February in the HKD Croatian House of Culture in Rijeka's Sušak.

If you are a fan of the Gypsy musical tradition, you should not miss the big concert by the Hungarian Roby Lakatos Ensemble on 7 February in the HKD Croatian House of Culture in Rijeka's Sušak. The ensemble, led by the Gypsy violin virtuoso Roby Lakatos, will perform in Rijeka for the first time and will surely delight the audience with excellent musical skills. Judging from its usual repertoire, the orchestra will play various types of music – classical pieces, improvised jazz, and the cheerful traditional Hungarian Gypsy tunes.
The ensemble will surely delight the audience in Rijeka because in addition to the most famous Gypsy violin virtuoso from Hungary, other members of the orchestra are also virtuosos of their instruments. In addition, Roby Lakatos has for many years cooperated with another famous Hungarian artist – Lászlo Bóni, another Gypsy music violin virtuoso.
Roby Lakatos was born in 1965 in the legendary family of Gypsy musicians and belongs to the seventh generation of direct descendants of János Bihari – the famous ''King of Gypsy Violinists'', who has the merit that the great Johannes Brahms composed his popular „Hungarian dances“.
Roby Lakatos not only originates from a famous family (he played with his uncle Sándor and father Antal, and had his public debut with nine years as the first violinist of a Gypsy orchestra), but also had formal education at the Béla Bartók Conservatory in Budapest. This education confirmed his love for violin and music in general, which is why he today creates such a wide range of musical work: Lakatos is not only a gypsy violin virtuoso, but also a universal musician with a brilliant playing technique and excellent composing and arranging skills.