Kvarner newsletter / no 49

Opatija Fight Night 4
Ladies showdown – match of the evening!

Opatija might be an old-style holiday resort, but this town is also open to some fairly untraditional events, such as the 4th Opatija Fight Night on 24 February. The highlight of the evening will be the fight for the title of the Women's World Champion – the King of the Ring.

The Opatija Fight Night 4, which will take place on 24 February in Hotel Kvarner's Crystal Hall, will bring many surprises. Instead of male fighters, the match of the evening will be between two female candidates for the title of the King of the Ring world champion. One of them is the member of the OFC Opatija Fight Club Veronika Golčić, and the other is the Hungarian Eva Halasi. The fight will be organised according to the full muay thai rules, in five two minute-rounds. It can be assumed that the local audience will be cheering for the Croatian representative, but it should nevertheless be said that this is going to be a very difficult match. Despite the fact that Veronika Golčić has a 100% effect in her career, the Hungarian representative is still a favourite since in 2010 she won the title of the WAKO world champion (World Association of Kickboxing Organizations) according to K-1 rules. In addition, she is the world champion in full contact in the WKN (World Kickboxing Network) federation, and the European champion and world vice-champion in savate.
This is going to be a real spectacle, and the organisers expect a great attendance in the Crystal Hall. With the ring placed in its centre, the hall will have a capacity of 1,000 spectators, which guarantees a very exciting night. In addition to the match of the evening, there will be other fights among male fighters from several Croatian clubs. Particularly worth mentioning is Antun Račić from Dubrovnik, one of the most talented Croatian MMA fighters (Mixed Martial Arts – full contact).
The organisers of this event are the Opatija Fight Club and the new Veni Vidi Vici Fights organisation.