Kvarner newsletter / no 50

An extensive programme of events to mark the 600th anniversary

This year in Crikvenica will be dedicated to marking the 600th anniversary of the first time the town's name was mentioned in a written document. This will be an opportunity for the inhabitants of Crikvenica and their guests to learn many interesting facts about the town's history, while also creating something new and original: the Crikvenica Tourist Board invites all interested parties to create a new Pauline Cake…

The history goes like this: in 2012 Crikvenica celebrates 600 years since prince Nikola IV Frankopan had a monastery built next to the derelict church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. In August 1412, he gave the monastery to the Order of St. Paul the Hermit (Pauline monks). The deed of donation was issued in Modruš, and it the oldest written document that mentions the name of Crikvenica. For this reason, the year 1412 is considered the year of foundation of Crikvenica.
The activities to mark this important anniversary already started at the end of 2011, and will culminate this summer. From the long list of announced events, let us mention a costumed event on the subject of the Frankopan noble family, a presentation of the Crikvenica folk costume and the publication of a book on this topic, a presentation of the "600 Years of Crikvenica" album, a two-day conference on the topic of the Frankopans and Pauline monks, and many other events. There will also be an exhibition about the Frankopans and Pauline monks in the Crikvenica Town Museum.
The central celebration to mark Crikvenica's 600th anniversary, the Frankopan Days, will take place in mid-June, and will include, among other things, a medieval fair and a presentation of the dishes from the Frankopan era.
There is also a very interesting and stimulating invitation by Crikvenica Tourist Board to create a Pauline Cake as a reminder of the importance of the Pauline monks for the town's culture and economy, and also of their charity work. Participants are invited to create an original recipe for Pauline Cake with given ingredients, which were available at the time of the Frankopans (until 18th century): olive oil, almonds, walnuts, figs, raisins, honey, lemon, cinnamon, rosemary, lavender, thyme and laurel. Applications can be made individually or in groups. The criteria for the selection of the best recipe will include the overall appearance of the cake, its taste and quality, compatibility with the given subject, creativity and innovation, and the way the cake is presented. Winners will be announced on 21 April 2012. In addition to valuable prizes and signing of an agreement, a particular reward for the winners will be the knowledge that they created an original gastronomic souvenir of Crikvenica on such an important occasion.